So you have decided to dress your windows which is undoubtedly a big decision because it has a lasting impact and is a long-term investment for your home. At Ambassador you will find shutters which can be purchased in timber and or aluminium. In this article we address the benefits of dressing your windows using shutter and hopefully make your decision far more informative.

window shutters

Light control

The conventional windows which occupy a place in every home are not able to alter the amount of light which enters your home. They can either let the light enter completely when opened or prohibit the light from falling into the room when closed. The window shutters, however, resolve this issue. If one wants to enjoy full light, then the window shutters can be opened entirely for a free passage of light. Similarly, when one does not want to have light in the room, the window shutters can be shut down fully to discontinue light from entering the room.

sliding folding shutters


Another advantage of window shutters (especially homes which are seafront) is that they provide complete privacy to the homeowners. There might be times when we want the air and light to enter without disturbing our privacy. The old style windows fail to help in this regard because of no in-between feature. This allows for no hindrance of privacy in addition to allowing an adequate amount of light and air in the room as desired by the homeowner. Thus, homeowners can enjoy their privacy without any worry of being watched or disturbed.

sliding shutters

Protection from inconsistent weather conditions

The traditional windows lack the feature of partial opening or closing which makes them a less ideal choice for many. They fail to safeguard the house and homeowners from extremities of the environment such as cold or hot winds, storms, dust etc. The window shutters provide absolute comfort and safety from the external environment. They keep both the house and its dwellers safe and sound. They are available in various materials that make them extremely resistant to weather conditions. No dust or rainwater can enter the house once the window shutters are closed tightly.

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