Why Wood



Build with wood and save the planet

Why build with Wood:

  • Natural and renewable material
  • Durable and stabile
  • Great insulation
  • Can be painted, stained or varnished
  • Hand crafted to any specification
  • Hardly effected by temperature extremes and condensation build up
  • Complex shapes, sizes
  • Great prices

What about the impact of building with wood has on the environment?

An excerpt from the European Commission’s DG Enterprise, 2003. “Wood plays a major role in combating climate change… Greater use of wood products will stimulate the expansion of Europe’s forests and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by substituting for fossil fuel intensive products.”

Ironically, the more wood is used the more trees get planted. At Ambassador, we only procure timber from sources that have managed forests programs in place.

Energy Consumption:

It takes more than 300 times the amount of energy needed to produce 1 cubic metre of aluminium than it does to produce a similar amount of wood!

Carbon Emissions:

Steel emits about 80,00kg/ m3,
Aluminium about 60,00kg/ m3
Wood, Negative 228kg/m3
This is due to the carbon that remains locked in the wood for the duration of its use as a timber product.


As a construction material wood is:

  • 6 times more efficient than brick
  • 15 times more efficient than concrete
  • 306 times more efficient than steel
  • 1,770 times more efficient than aluminium

So, the better insulated our homes are the less we spend on energy to heat and cool them. And the less energy we use….. the better it is for the planet!