Vertical sliding sash windows were traditionally made from timber and many with many properties you can still visibly see the old or original versions. Today we are most certainly spoilt for choice considering the option available in colour, finishes and hardware. That said, in today’s day and age there is no need to compromise on design as the range of styles suits most properties from traditional to modern. Aluminium vertical sliding sash windows bring modern security features, providing you with peace of mind and the highest standard manufacturing which comes with double glazed options.

Ambassador Doors & Windows is the leading expert in the manufacture of high performance, quality vertical sliding sash windows. Compared to ordinary casement windows, sliding sashes provide improved top and bottom ventilation in rooms; stagnant air exhausted at the top and fresh air is drawn in from the bottom and more importantly, the maintaining of the glass is very easy from the inside of your room.

Our range of aluminium sliding sash windows is a first in South Africa which offers all you would expect from a quality system – greater comfort, better insulation, minimal maintenance, aesthetically pleasing appearance and enhanced security. In short, our product range offers you peace of mind, but even more, it represents a sound investment in your investment.  Whatever your taste or style of home, we can offer distinctive window designs to suit your needs with our unique choice of finishes and colours externally and internally.

Our range of aluminium sliding sash windows is available in the standard colours, namely white, charcoal and bronze or upon special request we can supply you with a special colour. Our windows are fitted with rot-proof polyester rope, stainless steel pulleys and satin chrome lifts which bring the modern look into your home. With our energy-efficient double glazed solutions, the glass will reduce heating in winter and cooling costs in summer and not forgetting, reduce the noise pollution.

For further information about our range of aluminium sliding sash windows, contact Ambassador today to find out for more about our aluminium and timber range.