Is it necessary for me to replace my windows?

Windows play a huge role in the efficiency of your home, but that’s not all they do.  If you’re planning on selling your house in the next few years, new windows are a huge selling feature. Windows are most certainly an investment and one of the top five things potential buyers ask for. New windows are also attractive when viewed from the street and make your home look fresh and modern from the inside looking out.

What are some signs that windows need to be replaced? 

Inspect them regularly for drafts, condensation, fogging, rot or mould, and cracked caulking.

Is there anything, in particular, to look for when buying windows?

Look for a high R-value.  This determines how well the window prevents heat loss, and low emissivity, which reflects the heat to the warm side of the glass.

What are my installation options?

You have two choices: retrofitting (inserting new windows into the existing casing) or brick-to-brick (stripping out the windows and frames and starting fresh). Retrofitting is way more affordable whereas brick-to-brick is considered to be the more energy-efficient option.

What types of Windows are Available?

There are seven different popular styles:

  • Vertical sliding Sash Windows: windows are composed of two sashes set on a vertical track, with one in front of the other, counterbalanced by lead weights or springs.
  • Side Hung Windows: have a hinge on one side and open outwards (casement) or inwards, like a door. This allows the maximum amount of ventilation into the home where airflow is desired.
  • Top Hung Window: Usually operated with a handle at the bottom, top hung windows stay hinged on the top while allowing the bottom to swing outwards.
  • Pivot Window: Windows that open by pivoting either vertically or horizontally.
  • Turn and Tilt Windows: Tilt and turn windows can be opened fully like a casement window (inwards). They can also be tilted from the bottom so that the top of the window is angled into the room. This gives a smaller opening for ventilation
  • Horizontal Sliding Windows:  Horizontal Sliding windows are fitted horizontally to slide past one other.
  • Sliding Folding Windows: Found on Patios or high rise flats.  This is a system characterized by the possibility of sliding sashes on the sides of the window allowing to leave the space without bars that divide construction


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