It is getting colder and colder every winter.  In Cape Town, we might not be geared up for the freezing cold like other countries. We do however have double glazed solutions to keep you warm with a host of benefits. 

Double glazed windows are quite simply windows that have two or more layers with a space between them. By creating a space between the windows, you are creating insulation. Something so simple as double glazing your windows has wonderful benefits that will improve your quality of life.

Heating and Cooling

By creating this space between windows, an air gap is created that insulates against heat being transferred between two different temperature areas (outside and inside). By installing double glazed windows, the heat gets trapped in the living space, reducing your heating costs in winter and visa versa in summer. Also, specific types of performance glass within the double glazing can assist your individual needs per room in your home.

Reduced Noise Pollution

When a noise or sound wave hits a double glazed window, it will need to work much harder to get through all the layers. Your loud neighbours won’t sound so loud and outside disturbances will seem a distant memory.  Double glazing assists in reducing noise pollution.

Enhanced Security

A double pane of glass is much harder to break than a single pane. As a result double glazed windows improve home security significantly and is a huge benefit here in South Africa.

Double glazing solutions are becoming more and more essential to homeowners, especially with our forever changing climate. 

Get in touch with the experts today as double glazing applications are very specialized and require many factors to consider in achieving the best solution for your window and doors in your home. We are here to help you get warm or stay cool!