Product Warranty




Product Warranty

Ambassador Doors and Windows warrants their products for 12 years to be free of defects and of acceptable workmanship. Window and Door hardware is only warranted for 12 months from date of invoice. 

Wooden products are dispatched untreated, unfinished and are susceptible to expansions and contractions caused by variances in both temperate and humidity. This may result in surface checking, shrinking or cupping of material. 

The natural characteristics of wood movement cannot be warranted against. 

Ambassador warrants their products only if they have been paid in full. 

Should the product be found to contain defects, Ambassador will at its option either: Repair any product without charge or; Replace any product in the same unfinished, untreated, exclusive of fitting state and to the same physical address originally supplied.


Exclusions to Warranty

Natural variations in colour, texture or surface checking of wood are not considered defects. 

Any wooden product coated in a dark colour such as ebony, black or dark green as this causes excessive heat absorption on the outside. 

Shrinking and swelling and minor cracking of components particularly raised panels is a normal characteristic of wood. 

Rotting of timber and failure of material in product. 

Joinery items which extend longer than 2400mm in height. 

Any glass product factory-fitted or installed by Ambassador after fitment or supplied date for defects such as scratches or cracking. 

Weather seals fitted to our frameless units. 

Wear and tear, negligence and abuse of hardware is excluded from product warranty or if the hardware has not been maintained – Stainless steel, aluminium and wooden maintenance and cleaning. 

Failure to adhere to the installation and treatment instructions as laid out in Terms and Conditions below.


Terms and Conditions

  1. Quoted prices are valid for 30 (thirty) days only. E&OE. Subject to quality and sizes changes.
  2. Prices are subject to change based on duration of projects, irrespective of deposit payment date.
  3. An order cannot be changed or cancelled after deposit payment and we reserve the right to charge or add any admin / quote fees.
  4. Prices excludes installation, hanging of wooden doors, glazing, sealing, wetworks (eg plastering, caulking cills, painting etc.), waterproofing with angles, removing of protective plastics and cleaning of glass.
  5. All Ambassador products are manufactured to our standard design, methods, sections, profiles and hardware. Any specific hardware / product must be stated on the quote.
  6. Fabrication will commence only after site inspection, all openings measured individually.
  7. All internal doors to be measured on site before manufacture.
  8. All glazing will be in accordance with SANS 10400– 2012 specifications.
  9. Timber doors higher than 2400mm or wider than 1250mm are not warranted, as well as any product manufactured to open in or with a flat cill for weatherproofing. Eg. Pivot doors opening in and opening in doors or windows for weatherproofing.
  10. Timber doors that are used as external gates must be fitted with a cover capping to prevent weather exposure. This can be either quoted on or fitted at own cost.
  11. With installations, the client will be responsible for removal of old units, preparing openings, taking down fittings, alarm sensors etc… and removal of furniture & valuables during work process.
  12. Whilst every care will be taken to avoid periphery damage, Ambassador and its employees cannot be held liable for any damages to tiles, plastering, window cills, carpets sanitary ware, water pipes, wires, etc..
  13. Any variation or unforeseen technical circumstances identified to the product at final site inspection or during installation, quoted or not quoted will be for the account of the client.
  14. Should installation work only be allowed during certain hours of the day due to noise, etc., or be required in multiple phases, this must be disclosed during the quotation period or at final measurement and the quote adjusted accordingly as our quotation allows for one phase only. Should this information not be disclosed beforehand, Ambassador then reserves the right to either charge for extra days required to complete the work, which must be agreed to in writing by the client before commencement or continuation of work, or to terminate the installation contract and mark as supply only. Any time spent on site will then be charged against the installation fee and the remainder of this fee will be offset against any balances owing.
  15. Should ‘supply only’ orders be required in multiple phases, this must be disclosed and quoted accordingly.
  16. All wooden products are supplied in its untreated, unfinished, raw form and must be prepped (sanded or smoothed down) before painting or varnishing. Failure to do so will result in an ‘unfinished’ looking product for which Ambassador cannot be held liable.
  17. Lead times stated are estimates only and are not binding on Ambassador. No payments may be withheld or deferred in terms thereof or penalties charged.
  18. Products are only covered by our warranty once paid in full.  Hardware fitted to products are warranted for one year only from date of invoice.
  19. Should our Product be altered, tampered with or added to by a party other than Ambassador which changes its original state, in whatsoever way after delivery or installation, the Warranty on the Product could be rendered Null and Void.
  20. Should finishing works be held up through no fault of Ambassador, all balances become due within 5 days after installation
  21. Should any performance tests or competency certificates or engineers certificate be required, the onuses will be for the customer to obtain and at their expense.
  22. Ambassador will not be held liable for the consequential damages or for any delictual liability whatsoever arising from our products or installation directly or indirectly or for any failure by Ambassador to carry out its obligations whether known or not known at the time. The customer hereby indemnifies Ambassador, its directors and employees from against such claims. Further, that any advice given by Ambassador or any of its employees as to the use to which the goods may be put or any general advice is given without prejudice and shall not give rise to any claim of whatever nature against Ambassador.
  23. We have no control over the use of the goods or incorrect use or failure to follow common usage and safety principles. The quality and sustainability of the product for any purpose or use should be confirmed with the users own tests and satisfy himself for the purpose of application
  24. The customer must maintain and service the products to ensure that it operates as intended thought-out the life cycle of the product based on usage and the physical area of the product where used.