When remodelling a house, homeowners often overlook one of the most important elements of the house – the interior doors. This element not only serves the functional needs but it also provides an aesthetic value to the house. Interior doors complete your space with specific functional benefits as well as provide a visual impact. So, they should never be overlooked or underappreciated. These wooden or composite material doors keep your privacy and security in check, provides separation between rooms and act as noise barriers.

So, while walking through your house if you spot some of your interior doors need replacing, then do not think twice: act on it. You can do one of two things. You can either just replace the old version with a new one, or you can consider changing the entire look of the door. Whatever option you choose – be it wood, glass, metal, painted or stained, you have to consider the pros and cons of the choice you make.

Select the Appropriate style for the Door:

Your interior doors should go with the overall theme or style of the house. Ranch, Colonial, Victorian, or Contemporary – all of that matters in choosing the right replacement door. Also consider the colour and style of the same area. The kitchen, living room, basement interior doors need to match or else the consistency will be lost. Also, keep in mind if there are minor damages to solid wooden doors, just painting or sanding could do the job. You don’t need to replace the whole door. But glass cracks or heavily damaged doors cannot be easily fixed. So, replacing the entire door will be necessary.

Types of Interior Doors: There are many varieties when it comes to interior doors.
  • Aluminium Hinged Doors: aluminium hinge door can be used for both residential and commercial use. Available in both single and double doors that can open inwards or outwards, the hinge door can also be used as an insert in a larger shopfront window
  • Timber Hinged Doors: is a finished product of 40mm or 44mm thick that is made of solid timber or semi solid.
  • Pivot Doors: refers to a swinging door that rotates on a spindle as opposed to butt hinges affixed to a frame.
  • Supawood Doors: For a premier look inside your home, these high-quality interior doors are the ideal fit and give a superior finish when sprayed or painted with a sponge roller.
  • Sliding Doors: Sliding doors are doors which slide together opposed to swinging on hinges.
  • Sliding Folding Doors: Also known as folding sliding doors, bi folding doors or room dividers, bi fold doors are so-called because they can fold in or out to open up space

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