When it comes to lighting in offices, the more natural light you have access to the better. While fluorescent lighting does have a role in offices, natural lighting is vital to the mental health and physical wellbeing of your employees. This is why you should look at using aluminium vertical sliding sash windows in your office for optimal natural light. 

When you use aluminium vertical sliding sash windows in your office space, you will find that the health and productivity levels of your employees improve, visitors to your office feel more welcomed and at ease, and your employees will feel more engaged. If you are still unsure about using aluminium vertical sliding sash windows, below we discuss the benefits of having natural light in office spaces. 


Workers Will Be Healthier


One of the main benefits of letting natural light into your office space using aluminium vertical sliding sash windows is that your workers will be healthier. You will be providing them with views of the outside through these windows which they can look at to provide their eyes with a break from their computer screens, helping to refresh their minds and take strain off of their eyes. 

Natural light can also help people to sleep better, improving their productivity and happiness at the same time. Those who work close to aluminium vertical sliding sash windows which allow in natural light are exposed to more natural white light, which is what helps the mind to naturally relax and improves the sleep cycle. 


Productivity Is Boosted


It stands to reason that healthier workers will be more productive, and using aluminium vertical sliding sash windows to bring in more light is an effective way to improve the productivity of your office. Being able to look outside and having access to natural light over constant artificial lighting can help your workers to feel more inspired and able to work to a higher standard. 

You will need to place your aluminium vertical sliding sash windows strategically around the space so there is no glare on any screens, and so that there are areas where people can gather and look outside for more natural light and some fresh air. This can help to reset their creativity and improve productivity for the rest of the day.


Clients Feel Welcomed


Having an office space that feels welcoming and warm can work wonders for your client relationships. You could invest in aluminium vertical sliding sash windows for your boardroom, so when you have meetings you can let in natural light for a calmer and more creative space. 

An office that is dark and only uses fluorescent lighting might make clients feel closed in, which can be detrimental to the success of any meetings you might have. They might also feel unwelcome in your office. Aluminium vertical sliding sash windows allow in ample natural light, helping to open your office space up and make it feel like a welcoming and creative space. 


Lower Energy Costs


By having aluminium vertical sliding sash windows in your office and using these to let in natural light, you might find that you do not need to use your fluorescent lighting as much during certain times of day, because the sun is bright enough to light the room. Alternatively, you could rely more on lighting on individual desks rather than on lighting the entire room. 

Lower energy costs will help you to save money on your bills and can help to improve the value of the property too. You can use the money you save to upgrade your equipment or invest in technology to improve the office, such as a coffee machine for your employees. Natural light is also better for the environment and can help to lower your carbon footprint. 


Let The Light In


Using aluminium vertical sliding sash windows to add natural light to your office can have numerous benefits. Your employees will be healthier and happier, leading to more productivity and more work being done. Clients will feel that your office is more welcoming, helping to improve your relationships and encouraging more creativity in meetings. 

If you would like to reap the benefits of natural light in your office space, contact Ambassador Doors And Windows today to find out what we can offer you.