In this Warranty, Goods mean the window and door hardware supplied to the Customer by Ambassador Doors and Windows. Ambassador Doors and Windows warrants to the end purchaser ("the Customer") that for twelve (12) months from the date of original invoice by Ambassador Doors and Windows ("Warranty Period") the Goods will be free from defects in materials and/or workmanship when used and maintained in accordance with these Warranty terms and conditions.

Product Warranty

Ambassador doors and windows warrants their products for 12 years to be free of defects and of acceptable material and workmanship. Wooden products are dispatched untreated, unfinished and are susceptible to expansions and contractions caused by variances in both temperate and humidity. This may result in surface checking, shrinking or cupping of material. The natural characteristics of wood movement cannot be warranted against. Ambassador warrants their products only if they have been paid in full. Should the product be found to contain defects, Ambassador will at its option either: Repair any product without charge or; Replace any product in the same unfinished, untreated, exclusive of fitting state and to the same physical address originally supplied.

Exclusions To Warranty

Natural variations in colour, texture or surface checking of wood are not considered defects. Any wooden product coated in a dark colour such as ebony, black or dark green as this causes excessive heat absorption on the outside. Shrinking and swelling and minor cracking of components particularly raised panels is a normal characteristic of wood. Failure to adhere to the installation and treatment instructions as laid out in Terms and Conditions below. Rotting of timber and failure of material in product. Joinery items which extend longer than 2300mm in height. Consequential losses claim due to any defective product. Any glass product factory-fitted or installed by Ambassador after fitment or supplied date for defects such as scratches or cracking. Weather Seals fitted to our Frameless Units

Terms And Conditions

Two coats of sealant should be applied to all sides immediately prior to hanging doors or fitting windows and then 2 final coats after fitment Regular annual inspections and maintenance must be done. Failure to maintain and treat products with a proper sealant. Stainless steel fittings are supplied mainly in a 304 grade which requires regular cleaning maintenance.

Timber doors greater than 2400mm high and/or greater than 1250mm wide doors are not warranted as well as any product that is manufactured for opening in or with a flat cill for weatherproofing