If you’re building your own home, adding a grand extension, or simply replacing an old patio door with something more contemporary.  Our aluminium or timber sliding folding doors deliver industry-leading performance and stunning aesthetics. Whether you choose to install impressive aluminium doors or sleek timber frames in your home, you can be sure you are choosing doors of the highest quality.

When it comes to interior design, aluminium framed or timber slide folding doors look absolutely stunning. They are sleek, stylish and make a wonderful addition to the aesthetics of your living space. Sliding Doors are a great way to modernise and improve your home and it brings the surrounding views into your home.

Here are some advantages of installing sliding folding doors into your home.


Installing sliding folding doors adds an elegant aesthetic to any home. They provide a sleek and simple look that harmonises with most architectural styles.  As well as being an incredibly functional and practical design that maximises natural light, outdoor views and offers easy functionality. 


In the past, sliding folding doors earned a reputation for being dangerous because they weren’t always installed using safety glass. Today, however, this has all changed – homeowners can now get sliding doors with shatterproof safety glass. 

Indoor/outdoor flow

Sliding folding doors make it easy to bring the outdoors inside by creating a seamless flow between your home’s outdoor and indoor spaces. Since sliding folding doors have large glass panes, they offer all-year-round views of your garden landscape and panoramic views beyond. 

Energy efficiency

Sliding folding doors can be efficient insulators, ensuring that your home stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Sliding folding doors can be fitted with single glazed or double glazed options as well as low E, tinted or solar glass to offer optimal thermal insulation.

Space saving

Sliding folding doors operate without a hinge – they simply glide along a track instead of swinging open. This means that no extra space is required for the door arc because they simply open up by one door sliding over another panel. 

Natural light

Sliding doors have extra-large panes of glass that run from the top to the bottom of each door panel. This design maximises any natural light, ensuring that you can enjoy floodlit interiors throughout the day. 

Easy access

Sliding doors move easily on their rails – to open these doors, you need to gently push them aside and they will glide open. This offers easy access to the outdoor areas, which is especially useful during the hot summer months. 


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