Looking for something new, stylish and modern for your home. Barn doors are the latest trend.   Practical and fashionable, these modern doors are beautifully elegant.  Allowing the versatility of colour, wood and design.  Modern barn doors in Cape Town can be made to suit just about any area of your home or office.   


Decorate with Barn Doors

Barn doors are becoming increasingly popular. Made from good quality wood and expert craftsmanship. Turn any area of your home into an eye-catching topic of conversation with Ambassador Doors and Windows. With the natural vintage charm that barn doors already have, we turn them into something more charming and sophisticated. Barn doors are custom-crafted to ensure you get what you want while providing the perfect partition or entryway for your home.

Barn doors can be used in just about any area.  This includes the bathroom, bedroom and even the kitchen. Mainly used as a division to separate different rooms, these doors can be transformed into the perfect look that you desire. Sliding, top hung or side hung options are also options.  Depending on what you are looking for and what works best practically for you. 

Barn doors are even more unique as they allow for the natural textures and patterns of the wood to shine through. Want a bit of colour – no problem. Barn doors are popular due to their ability to come alive with a variety of colours.  Custom made to suit your requirements, we can turn your door into a functional piece of art.
Although we stay clear of the artistic painting ourselves, we recommend Tjhoko Paint for a great charcoal finish to your barn door.  Their paint selection can certainly turn your door into a charcoal masterpiece.

View our gallery and have a look at some of the beautiful, stylish doors we have created. Modernise your entryway into something magnificent, but perfectly practical in every way.

Ambassador Doors have been specialising in the manufacturing and installation of doors for over 40 years.  Give us a call today for expert advice and useful tips on how to get one of these doors into your home or office today.