Frameless Glass Wine Rooms


Many homeowners are starting to add personal wine cellars to store their wine collection. A glass cellar to display your wine collection can create a stunning visual feature in any home. However, just single standard glass is not the best material for retaining temperature.

This can be solved by using our double glazed low E panels on your wine cellar. Double glazing provides the essential insulation properties and will maintain the cool, steady temperature required to correctly cellar wine. Double glazed panels will also stop messy and unsightly external condensation build up. This is especially relevant with our local hot and cold weather. Furthermore, making sure that your wine cellar is kept humidity free will ensure that wine does not age prematurely. Wine cellars add value to your home even more so with a quality temperature-controlled double glazed cellar.

We have been working with architects, designers and project managers to provide customised double glazed and frameless wine cellar solutions. 

If you’re looking to build a wine room in your home, get in touch with us today!


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