When upgrading your home, or building a new one, every little detail should be paid attention to.  Improving areas around your home by using Frameless glass stacking doors or Frameless glass sliding doors is a great way to achieve a modernised look.

Everybody also has unique styles.  When renovating your home, it is important to make sure that you get what will benefit you the most and work well within the space given.

Both frameless glass stacking doors and sliding doors allow you to enclose a large area without obstructing your view.  Depending on the space you wish to improve, you can choose between Frameless Glass stacking or sliding doors.

Frameless glass systems allow you to have a wonderful open space without any big doors, frames and panels in the way. By having a frameless glass system you are able to join your indoor and outdoor area together, without it being a completely separate space.

The main difference between the two is the way they open and close, and how the glass may take up space particularly when open.  If you have limited interior space for stacking doors, but wish to create a big open space, then frameless sliding doors may be the best option for you. Sliding doors do exactly that – they slide and slide past each other when open.  Stacking doors allow you to stack your doors to the side when they are fitted to the wall provided you have enough available indoor or outdoor space.

Sliding Door

frameless glass sliding door

Stacking Door

stacking door


Ambassador Doors and Windows only manufacture bottom sliding/rolling systems. You don’t even need to worry about expensive beams or a complete overhaul of an area.  Contact Ambas to assist you in deciding on the best option for your home.