Frameless Glass Stacking Doors

Frameless stacking doors increase your liveable space and enhances an unobstructed panoramic view, thus giving a more sophisticated feel to the home, connecting you with nature and increasing resale value.

Ambassador has a wide variety of frameless systems to suit your style and particular function in your home.

The best thing to know is that Ambassador only manufacture bottom sliding/rolling systems and not outdated flimsy top hung systems, really meant for internal purposes, which is the majority in the market today.

You will never have to worry about expensive beams or get irritated with adjusting sagging doors again!

Whether it’s a retro fit, new build, open in or open out, sliding, folding, around 90 degree corners, Ambassador has the system and years of technical expertise to guide you towards the best possible system for your home.

View our range of systems below:

1. Frameless Glass Stacking Doors (FS01)


Latest technology frameless system that is bottom sliding. With International testing and certification, these modern, master crafted units are able to be used for 3m high installations. The simple design ensures optimal suitability for patios, restaurants, balconies, terraces and indoor partitioning. 

Partnering with Hillaldam Systems, our stack doors are fully customisable, can slide around corners and curves, open inwards or outwards and accommodate 12mm glass, a first in the market. 



2. Frameless Glass Folding Aluminium Doors (FAF)


Our unique classic system that hinges, folds and slides to a side, making opening and closing of panels quick and easy. Materials of stainless steel, silver aluminium and glass make this a show piece in practical design. These units can accommodate 12mm glass, used in open in or open out straight line applications and up to 2.6m high. 



3. Frameless Glass Folding Timber Doors (FTF)


Ambassador’s flagship of a wooden railed system that hinges, folds and slides to a side making opening and closing of panels quick and easy. Without using modern aluminium and deterring from your current timber home, you can keep with the same aesthetics with the warm wooden look of these units. They are a firm favourite in enclosing patios in classic wooden fenestrated homes. They operate just like your normal sliding folding doors but without the vertical members in between, allowing for a seamless panoramic view. These units can accommodate 12mm glass, used for open in or open out straight line applications and up to 3m high.



  • Ambassador offers a 5 year warranty- proof in confidence of our systems and backup support.
  • Approved by architects and builders for aesthetics and ease of operation.
  • Total turnkey engineered package with experience. Our trained technical staff will offer you unique solutions to accommodate your specific requirements for the installation process.
  • All our units are fitted with bottom rolling systems. The weight of the unit is therefore supported with heavy duty, double stainless steel bearing rollers, to avoid sagging, whereas the top hung system would require reinforced support beams at extra cost.
  • Manufactured locally and engineered for our harsh SA weather conditions and installed by our own technicians.
  • Visit our factory showroom by appointment to discuss your requirements with our sales and technical staff.
  • Sections, sizes, design details and hardware may change from time to time.

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