Doorways to homes and offices are one of the first things that make an impression on any visitor.  With so many different types of entrance doors, we thought we would shed some light on some of the options out there.

Nowadays, the possibilities are endless. Doors are not only an entryway into your space, but an introduction to the world in which you live or work.  

Pivot Doors

Available in Aluminium or Timber, pivot doors are a great option for any establishment.   Before it used to be aluminium or timber only, now you can have a combo of the two! The latest rage is having an aluminium frame, with a wooden door inserted. 

Pivot doors can be customised to suit just about any specification, as long as the building allows for it.  These doors are often used to enhance the beauty around them; a highlight for visitors who enter your home or office.

Adding a bit of glass, or a great big section of glass, can also help create a memorable first impression.  It doesn’t stop there, at Ambas, we also specialise in exotic timbers.  These can be used to manufacture doors such as Iroko, Teak, Kiaat and Oak.

different types of entrance doors

Big Statement Doors

Customised doors are something truly exciting.  Forget redoing your entryway, just redo your door!  Specializing in renovations, we can do just about anything your heart desires (as long as there is enough doorway space). Sometimes a builder may need to be called if you wish to make your entranceway bigger or change the entire entryway look and feel. 


big statement door

Browsing online there are so many options to choose from, find a pic you like and send it to us.  We know we will be able to customise a uniquely perfect big statement door for you.

From barn doors to sliding doors and more, at Ambas, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.  With over 40 years of experience, you will only get quality and professional service.