If you would like to add a modern touch to your home, you could look into replacing your traditional doors with frameless glass options as an ideal solution. These doors provide the same amount of protection as a traditional door but they also add a touch of elegance and style to the overall area. However, choosing the right frameless doors can be a little difficult. 

When you are looking at frameless glass doors there are several aspects to consider. You will need to think about the dimensions of the space you will be installing the doors into, the exact measurements of the area, as well as where the frameless glass doors will be placed. You should also think about the space between the door and other objects in the room. Remember, the doors are mostly outward stacking, however inward opening can be manufactured on request. 

Below we give some top tips on how to choose the perfect frameless doors for your home. 


Take The Right Measurements


The very first step in choosing frameless glass doors is to take the right measurements of the room the frameless glass doors will be placed in. This will tell you how many panels of glass are needed for the door, as it could be more than you expected, especially if you are including balustrades or frameless windows. You will need to include the height of the area as well as the width so that the glass door installation company can provide you with the right sized doors.


How Many Panels Do You Need?


The number of panels you need is important. This will be based on the measurements you take, the layout of your home and also on the type of frameless glass door you choose. If you choose a full frameless option, you will likely need more panels than you would if you chose a timber top and bottom or a semi-frameless option. The stacking space available is also taken into consideration to determine the amount of panels, as this sets the maximum width of each panel. Once all the factors have been considered, it will then be subjected to the maximum and minimums for frameless glass safety standards.


Don’t Forget Decor Style


An important consideration when choosing frameless glass doors for your home is to think about the rest of your decor style. For example, if the door will be leading out onto a patio and the surrounding area has a few wooden elements, you might want to consider using timber top and bottom models to maintain your aesthetic. For those who want a more modern look, a completely frameless glass door is the better choice. Think carefully about the style you would like for your home and choose your door based on this. 


Custom-Made Options


When you are choosing a frameless glass door, you should look into a custom-made option for your home. You can provide the manufacturer with your measurements and requirements in order to have a door like no other, and one which will certainly add value to your home. You could opt for tinted or frosted glass to keep your home protected from the rays of the sun, or you could invest in thicker glass for an outdoor application to ensure safety. The choices are endless and you can create the ultimate door for your home.


Fabulous Frameless Glass Doors


A frameless glass door is the perfect choice for any modern home, and if you know what to provide the manufacturer and what to consider, you can choose one that will enhance your home and make it stand out. Remember to take accurate measurements, think about any extras you might need and how many panels are necessary, and always consider the decor you already have in your home. 

If you would like to add a touch of elegance to your home with frameless glass doors, contact Ambassador Doors & Windows today for more information.