Forget having a wine rack on your bar counter at home. It’s time to build a wine room. South Africa is the 8th largest wine producing region in the world.  Needless to say along with that comes alot of wine loving, wine drinking and appreciation for wine in general. Especially for those in Cape Town.

More and more people are becoming interested in wine.  Not just for drinking, but actually understanding the winemaking process and appreciating it. For this reason, if you are an avid wine lover, with a good collection of wines, it is time to build a wine room.

What is a Wine Room?

A wine room or wine cellar is a place where wine is stored.  By creating a well insulated wine room, you are protecting your wine. Wine rooms are built specifically to look after your wine in an insulated environment suited to your wines well being.

A Creative Feature

Wine rooms can really be quite attractive, especially with frameless glass.  Homeowners who love their wine are creating wine rooms to be a feature for the home. Not just a room for wine storage, but a room you can enjoy and appreciate through its beauty.

Frameless Glass Wine Rooms

At Ambassador Doors and Windows, we have been working with architects, designers and project managers for many years.  Our aim is to provide customised double glazed and frameless wine cellar solutions to all wine lovers in Cape Town.

Using double glazed panels, our frameless glass solution provides essential insulation that wine needs to remain drinkable and fresh.