Allowing the homeowner to place greater emphasis on other fixtures in a bathroom, the benefits of frameless glass showers are continuously growing.

Having a frameless glass shower installed allows you a sophisticated, modern and stylish option to dress up your bathroom. The design possibilities are endless offering more options when it comes to style and size.  Below we have highlighted some of the main benefits of installing a frameless glass shower.

Easy to Clean

No more corners for grime and soap scum to build up, as frameless shower doors carry less of this grimy debris. Environmentally friendly, you can easily clean your glass with a tiny bit of vinegar and warm water.  This assists in getting rid of that grimy cloudy look.

Remodelling your home

Installation of frameless shower doors to an already existing bathroom is easy to do.  With so many options in size and design, replacing your current shower doors with a frameless option is a no brainer.  Perfect for new house builds too, you can create a bathroom space that is modern and stylish to fit in with the rest of your home. From the latest black industrial look to sleek minimalistic stainless steel designs, there are endless options.


Do you perhaps have a small bathroom, but wish to create a larger-looking space?  Frameless glass assists in creating a space to look even bigger. Allowing natural light to flow through, without any obstructions like frames and curtains in the way.  Frameless glass can make your shower an absolute joy and experience to use every time, you won’t want to get out of your shower.

Frameless glass showers are easy to maintain.  With the right professionals to perform the installation, you are well on the way to having the perfect bathroom.  Ambassador Doors and Windows have over 40 years of experience and are experts in everything frameless.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements where we can 3D model your ideal shower design with a quote.